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Explore the world. 
Stay as long as you like.

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Spend the spring in Paris, summer in Greece, autumn in NYC & winter in LA. We’ll make it happen.

Stay a month or more in each apartment, freeze your contract when needed, and still benefit from our special rates.

Under one master contract, enjoy flexible living by choosing from thousands of apartments around the world.

Stay short or long term.
Enjoy the best rates.

Multiple apartment options.
A single flexible lease. 

through any of our 4,500 apartments, all under one flexible lease at lower rates

After a year in which we all stayed put in one place, get ready to experience the year of a lifetime

What is the Blueground Pass?

Our most flexible - and exciting - guest offering that lets you save more when you stay more! Offered as a yearly or half-yearly rental contract that gives you the opportunity to hop between different apartments, neighborhoods & cities around the world - all at our competitive rates.


Nest in the U.S. Hop around Europe. Bask in the Middle East. Enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle by experiencing a year of different cities, neighborhoods & apartments under one agreement.


Undecided on a check out date? Stay as long as you like.
Just let us know at least 30 days before you check-out from your current apartment.


Book as few as 2 apartments or as many as 12 -- the choice is yours. Need to travel elsewhere? Freeze your contract for up to 4 months depending on which duration you book.


When you move, we’ll reward you. As soon as you book your first Passholder stay, earn credit applicable towards your next Blueground Pass stay. a discount. 

Your ticket 
to explore the world

Fill the interest form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your custom Blueground Pass. 
When you are ready to move forward, you will sign one single master lease contract to cover your multiple apartment options.

Book your 1st apartment  for your desired duration & stay as long as you like (minimum is 30 days). Start thinking about where you want to explore next in those upcoming stays!
Ready to move? Give us 30 days notice & our team will book your 2nd apartment -- at a discount (varies based on your lease option & region as stated above).
Need to pause your rent to go visit your family or take a holiday? That’s not a problem. With the Blueground Pass, freeze anywhere from 2 to 4 months with a 6 or 12 month Blueground Pass contract, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save money with the Blueground Pass?
Passholders save in a couple of ways: 
1. Competitive rates on each of their individual stays within a Pass contract 
2. An additional discount off their 2nd booking in the Pass (up to $1000 for bookings within the USA & up to €500 for bookings within Europe & the Middle East).

*Discounts applicable only to new Blueground Pass contracts & Passholders; cannot be applied towards prior contracts. 

Which Blueground apartments are offered under the Blueground Pass?
All 4,500 Blueground apartments in any of our 15 cities in the US, Europe and Middle East are part of this program! The units you choose must be available within 2 days of your desired move in date.

How long is the Pass active for?
Choose whatever suits you best between a 6 or 12 month duration.

What additional benefits do I have as a Passholder?
Flexibility: The Blueground Pass is designed for life’s flexibilities and unexpected turns. If you need to take that extended vacation, or visit family in a location where Blueground is not, then you’re able to freeze your Pass for up to 2 months (under the 6 month contract) or up to 4 months (under the 12 month contract).

Priority access: first crack at new upcoming apartments, as supported by your own dedicated sales advisor that can help book your apartments for you and manage your entire relocation process through the course of your Pass duration.

What is the minimum duration I must stay in each apartment?
The shortest duration is 30 days for most of our homes (some buildings require a minimum of 2, 3 or even 6 months). Our Sales team will be happy to guide you through our portfolio.

How many apartments can I stay in during my term?
Stay in as few as 2 apartments or as many as 12. Enjoy the option to move once a month or stay as long as you want where you want, while exploring a variety of exciting cities, neighborhoods and homes for an unforgettable Blueground experience! 

Is there a fee to access the Blueground Pass?
No fee to access the Blueground Pass! However, the Pass is a limited time offer, so act now to enjoy the benefits. 

What does the base rental rate include?
The rental rate includes your apartment and everything in it, from the furniture and cleaning supplies to towels and linens. Additional fees include utilities, tenant legal liability, a one-time cleaning fee, and a refundable security deposit (which will stay with you as you move around). Some cities also charge hotel taxes.

Can I pay monthly?
Your payment plan options depend on the length of each individual booking. We allow payment plans for stays over 3+ months. Monthly payments are permitted for stays exceeding 6 months. 
What if I want to cancel my subscription before my 6 or 12 month term is up?
If the Pass no longer suits your needs, you can cancel your subscription for a penalty of one month’s rent. Be sure to provide 30 days notice!

What documentation or information do you require from me to become a Passholder?
We require a photo ID verification, basic contact information, and a background check on our guests to ensure the safety of our communities and our homes.

The freedom to roam between:

4,500 apartments  |  250 neighborhoods   |   15 cities    |  3 continents  

The perks of being a Blueground Passholder


Flexibility to live your way

Within a total
period of

Max freezable period

up to 2 months

8 months

6 months

up to 4 months

16 months

12 months

4,500+ apartments

250 neighborhoods

15 cities   

3 continents















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6 months, 1 year, or a way of life? 
You choose. You save.

6 month lease

• Priority access

• Pause up to 2 months

• Enjoy a discount of $500

* When you book your second stay, receive $500 credit (if in USA) or €250 (if outside USA)
- Early termination fees apply

• Priority access

• Pause up to 4 months

• Enjoy a discount of $1000

* When you book your second stay, receive $1000 credit (if in USA) or €500 (if outside USA)
- Early termination fees apply

1 year lease